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Hi, I'm Issa. I live in Los Angeles, California. Here you'll be able to find my original poetry and photographs.

More untitled self portraits from my Not Your Flower series, September 2014

We weren’t in love. But oh god, we could’ve been.

We weren’t in love. But oh god, we could’ve been.

He looked at her like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

He looked at her like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

Anonymous asks: hey iss how long does a roll of film usually last you?

My name is actually Issa* haha :-) 

And it depends honestly. For example I used an entire roll of 36 exposures in one day. And right now I’m trying to finish a roll from two weeks ago. So it really depends. I’m taking a heavy course load at school right now so I’ve been shooting mainly digital because I work for the newspaper. 

So to answer your question it varies!

Casual Wednesday nite @ the echo


Washout - Issue 1

Hello friends! Melissa, Chris and I put together a little thing in this big scary world. It was all of our first attempts at doing anything like this (with wonderful contributions from Nick Dante and Dominic Savaglio) but we want YOU! to help us with the next issue. If you have any art, photos, music, poetry, love to contribute to Washout please feel free to come in contact us with us (x x)!!



Anonymous asks: Probably an annoying question but do you know about how much is a roll of film getting developed + put on a CD at costco?

Usually like $5-6

Wash Out Zine

Did a really cool thing w/ some of my friends! Check it out!

Anonymous asks: Iss I'm just starting out in film where do you get your film developed? Any tips?

I get my film developed at Costco. Its super cheap, about $3-4 for a 35 mm roll. But you obviously have to have a membership to develop, so if you don’t I used to go to walgreens and get just my negatives and a CD for like $7. 

I don’t know if I have any tips since I still feel like I’m learning and growing with film. Maybe just don’t hesitate just because its film. I have several rolls that I haven’t finished from summer time and its because I wasn’t taking pictures consistently for a while because I felt like I needed to preserve my film in my camera. But I’m trying really hard to not hesitate when taking film photographs. So yeah, just shoot away!

Not Your Flower (film x digital) Part V. Each image has a caption that makes up a three part poem.