Camera Talk

Hi, I'm Issa. I live in Los Angeles, California. Here you'll be able to find my original poetry and photographs.

Anonymous asks: Burning your ex boyfriend out of your photos is pretty harsh..

I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that the person who I burned in those instax photos was my ex boyfriend when I never said or implied that? Unless you know me personally then you don’t know who I burned out of the photos so :-)

Last night @ the Palisades & VLHS was hella

Anonymous asks: are you wearing shorts or a skirt in your mirror pic


Press Pass + Ride or Die

Anonymous asks: what apps do u use to edit pics on ur phone? <3 <3

Check out the app store they have oodles and oodles of apps to edit your pics with

Reflections and distortions of the soul

The hours to the sunrise creep, but I don’t care.
There is no hope for any sleep if you’re not here.
In another scene, in another bed you’re sleeping.
So won’t you come and visit me when I’m dreaming?

Smooth, Silky, and Sweet

I have this horrid taste in my mouth.
It tastes sharp and metallic,
I think it’s your blood.

You want me
smooth, silky, and sweet.
A dog laps up water with his tongue.

I am smooth, silky, and sweet.

He held me down by my feet.
Tonguing honey he cried out,
“You are smooth, silky, and sweet”.

But now my mouth is full of blood.
I think it’s your blood.

I use to love palm trees,
but now I love crumbling leaves.

You no longer think
that I am smooth, silky, nor sweet. 

Who R U? I Don’t Know This Girl

There is no permanent state of self. I am different person every day. I took these novelty Fuji mini self portraits over a year ago and the writing is just a reflection of myself today. 

Cigarettes and Cat Eyes, March 2014