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Hi, I'm Issa. I live in Los Angeles, California. Here you'll be able to find my original poetry and photographs.

Anonymous asks: Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm like this?

I’m so confused what is your question? I always use 35 mm film in my canon rebel 2000 but I do not always use that camera

Anonymous asks: Is there a difference between the 35 mm film tag and the canon eos tag?

I don’t have a canon eos tag? But there is a difference between my film tag because I use different film cameras (mostly my canon rebel 2000 and disposables)

Conversations With Myself, July 2014

Anonymous asks: what camera/film do you use? do you scan your pics to upload?

Every photo set I upload has what specific camera I use in the tags. I use a lot of different cameras. I mostly shoot Fuji 400 speed film. And I use impossible 600 film for my Polaroid. And I scan all my Polaroids and film.



Anonymous asks: do you prefer impossible film or expired film? it's just the impossible film takes so long to develop i'm not sure it's worth the hassle... what do you think?

Expired film is always risky so I don’t ever use that. I don’t understand what you mean by the hassle of waiting 20-30 minutes for a polaroid to develop… This is film, not digital. If you want instant gratification just purchase a fuji mini lol

I’m Not Your Baby, July 2014

Walls, April 2014

iPhone diary of DTLA

Dinner with my baes 🌴 (at The Standard, Downtown LA)

Dinner with my baes 🌴 (at The Standard, Downtown LA)